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If you’re a supporter of SAVES, find out about how choosing Casa could bring a big boost to your favourite charity!

Thankfully, none of us here at Casa Security have ever needed an ambulance, let alone assistance from an emergency doctor. But most of us know someone, or have read about someone in the media, who needed that kind of emergency care, often without warning.

Luckily, for such serious medical emergencies, we have the Somerset Accident Voluntary Emergency Service in our area, but as with all other BASICs accredited immediate care schemes, very little funding comes from the NHS. Like every other charity, they rely on donations to keep operational, and despite the voluntary nature of the medical staff, there is always equipment and advanced medical devices to fund and sometimes replace, with those costs being no minor detail.

However, if you would like to help generate a sizeable income for the charity, just by choosing Casa for security at your home or work – read on!

Many of our offers will benefit SAVES every year you continue service – so don’t delay, call today!

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